Booster Club Fundraising Tips

August 21, 2015

Did you know a booster club can be a great time investment?  The club’s main responsibility is to raise funds and support school teams and clubs.  Because a booster club’s main goal is to fundraise, they are normally considered a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  This is great news for booster club members as they can offer donors a tax-exempt donation.  Read on for our booster club fundraising tips!

Booster clubs are often formed in support of a school or team due to a shortage of state or school funding.  They use funds to purchase needed supplies, equipment and travel for teams or clubs.  They can also fund grants for students to participate in a school sport or club.

Normally, booster clubs are run by parents of team players and students alike.  They play a large role in organizing, supporting and running efforts to support their fundraising initiatives.  Fundraising ideas for booster clubs can range from selling cookies and candy to doing car washes and raffles.  Chances are your booster club will hold multiple fundraisers throughout the year.

Booster Club Fundraising

Here Are Some Fundraising Tips to Help Your Booster Club

Set Fundraising Goals

Make sure you set obtainable goals for each fundraiser you host throughout the year.  Goals can be set for each fundraiser so as not to overwhelm individuals who are working on the fundraiser.  It’s helpful to keep track of where you are at with your fundraising efforts throughout the campaign process.  By doing this, everyone knows how much more they will need to meet the goal.

Create a List of Projects Needed

Create a list of projects or goals you will need funding for and assign a project to each fundraiser.  This way you are able to let your donors know what their funds are supporting.  For example, one goal can be to purchase jerseys for the football team or to purchase instrument cases for the entire band.  Donors are more likely to donate funds when they know what their money is supporting.

Put Your Efforts Online

Make sure you always have a way for your donors to support you online.  It’s a great idea to have a web site or web page where your donors can read more about your organization and your fundraising efforts.  This includes sharing your fundraising efforts via social media outlets as well.

Bricks R Us believes in supporting booster club efforts.  We want them to be successful in their team fundraising projects.  One of the ways booster clubs can raise money is with our engraved brick fundraisers.  These type of fundraisers are also a great way to create an everlasting tribute to donors.

Did you find this article on booster club fundraising tips useful?  We would love to hear from you. Contact us with any questions about starting a brick fundraiser today!

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