Fundraising for Summer Camps With Engraved Bricks

June 26, 2015

Summertime is here, kids are out of school and many parents will be sending their children to a summer sleep-away camp for a week or two during these next few months.  Summer camps provide learning opportunities to children that can help them develop character and leadership skills.  Children can also develop independence and gain confidence while learning new skills and exploring the world around them during their time at camp.

Bricks R Us understands the importance of supporting summer camps for today’s youth.   Fundraising for summer camps has several benefits, such as assisting in covering basic operating expenses to supplying activity equipment for the campers.  Funds can also assist underprivileged families that normally could not afford the cost of sending a child to camp through camp scholarships.

 Fundraising for Summer Camps With Engraved Bricks


Benefits of Summer Camps for Youth:

  • Spending Their Days Being Physically Active
  • Experiencing Success for More Confidence
  • Unplugging from Technology
  • Learning and Developing Life-Long Skills
  • Growing More Independent
  • Learning Social Skills in Cooperation
  • Reconnecting with Nature
  • Making New Friends

Allowing today’s youth to experience the things mentioned above gives them the opportunities to build their self-confidence and self-esteem through non-competitive activities.  By being unplugged to technology, they can try new outdoor activities, enhance their skills and discover their creative side while engaging with counselors and peers.  Counselors know the importance of encouragement which makes for a great environment for youth at the camp.

Engraved bricks make great fundraisers for summer camps.  By offering campers and their parents an opportunity to purchase bricks and leave a lasting impression as part of a brick walkway or wall, you can make them feel like they will always be a part of the camp.  Every year kids can have the opportunity to add a brick to the project.  Campers will also be able to order a donor brick to take home as a souvenir of their brick from camp.

Would you like to start a fundraiser to support a summer camp?  Tell us about it.  We can help you get started.  We offer customer support, high quality products and the tools to assist you in having a successful campaign for your fundraiser at no cost to your organization.  Contact us today!  Want to share this article?  We’ve got the tweet ready for you!

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