How Brick Fundraisers Help Sports Teams

July 3, 2015

Playing on a sports team can help your children stay physically fit, mentally healthy and it can also give them a sense of accomplishment.  Your children can learn lessons of working together as a team and the importance of having a positive attitude.  Along with these things, sports teams need to raise funds for competitions away from home, uniforms and new equipment.  This can be quite the challenge and many times the financial burden falls on the parents.  In this blog we’ll highlight how fundraisers help sports teams.

Bricks R Us is here to help your organization with fundraising.  Hosting a brick fundraiser can help raise the necessary funding needed for uniforms, equipment and team travel.  In addition, creating a brick project for the facility will allow players and their families to feel as though they have made a lasting tribute to the organization.

How Brick Fundraisers Help Sports Teams

How Fundraising Can Help Your Team

·        New Equipment

·        Travel Costs

·        Team Uniforms

·        Tournament Fees

·        Program Operations

·        Facility Repairs

·        Athletic Scholarships

What Can Your Team Use?

Can your team use new equipment or maybe benefit from facility repairs?  Is your team able to offer players new uniforms at the start of every season?  If your team makes the playoffs and has to travel, will they need funding for the trip?  These are just some of the things fundraising can help provide for your team.

Fundraisers are a great way to raise needed funds for your sports team and we here at Bricks R Us are dedicated to helping you make your fundraiser successful for your organization.  Best of all, there is no upfront cost to your organization to get started.

We will help you every step of the way.  We can set up a fundraising webpage for your organization to make ordering easy.  Are you thinking about hosting a brick fundraiser?  Contact us today to get started.  Want to share this article?  We’ve got the tweet ready for you!


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