Raising Funds With Engraved Bricks For Your Organization Is Easier Than You Think

We realize there is a lot of information on our main website and it may seem confusing, overwhelming, and difficult to run a brick campaign.  We pride ourselves on being transparent which is why we explain in detail all of our services and pricing; no surprises.

This page is to show you with the help of Bricks R Us, we can make your campaign run effectively and smoothly.  We understand that most of our customers have full time jobs and don’t have a lot of time to spend on a brick campaign … that’s where we come in.

When we entered the market over 30 years ago, we noticed our competitors only sold bricks and didn’t have any services so we became the innovators of our services.  Many companies have since copied some of our services but our act in a completely different way that can make the campaign seamless.

Follow these steps to create an easy and profitable campaign:

  • Contact a representative so they can send you information on our company and a (free) sample brick.
  • After you have an some direction of the campaign you wish to create, log into our Online Ordering System and set up a Webinar.  One of our moderators will go over your campaign, provide suggestions and how Bricks R Us can help you.  You or your whole organization can be in different places and log onto a webinar; this will ensure you are on the right track and should be done before you announce your campaign (so we can suggest any changes that might be necessary).
  • Have us set up a Donor Site, download order form templates or have us create a brochure or video for your organization (all free).

It’s really as easy as that.  If you have any space on the ground or a wall where you can place bricks/tiles, there’s no reason not to raise funds using engraved bricks.  The ideal brick campaign will last years so you can always depend on receiving monies from your campaign.

We’ll make sure your brick campaign is easy, profitable and doesn’t need a lot of your time.

Call us at 888-MY-BRICK (888-692-7425).  We look forward to helping your organization raise needed money.