Brick Pavers: Which One Should You Choose?

October 1, 2014

The reason brick campaigns have been around so long is that they get the job done!  If your organization is interested in engraved brick pavers for fundraising, donor recognition, or gifts, the next decision you need to make is what size bricks you need — standard 4 x 8 inches or square 8 x 8 inches?

Brick Pavers: Which One Should You Choose?

Source: Bricks R Us


Many organizations have had great success “selling” engraved bricks to their friends and supporters.  Brick pavers can be found in and around:

  • Parks, ball fields and tennis courts
  • Museums and historical societies
  • Colleges and universities
  • Hospitals and hospices
  • Social service charities
  • Churches
  • Schools

Brick campaigns are successful because they don’t just target a few big donors – they cast a very wide net.  For a brick campaign, you should contact all donors, members, former donors/members, volunteers and former volunteers, alumni, parents and grandparents, local businesses and vendors, as well as regular visitors and attendees.

Donor Recognition

Every organization has a small list of strong supporters who are integral to the group’s continued success.  It’s important to show your appreciation for these kind and generous individuals.  Create engraved brick pavers for each donor and display them in a prominent location.


Brick pavers can also be used as gifts and awards.

  • Volunteer Anniversaries – Reward long-time volunteers with an engraved brick paver marking 10 and 20 year anniversaries.
  • Retiring Employees – Better than a gold watch, an engraved brick paver in your courtyard will give your retired employees permanent recognition for their years of service to your cause.
  • Golf Tournament – Provide engraved bricks to the top scoring teams in your golf tournaments or other fundraising competitions.

Brick Sizes

If you’re serious about ordering engraved brick pavers, choosing the right size is very important.  Besides the cost, there may also be size limitations at your location and on the face of the brick itself.

The differences between the standard paver (4 x 8) and the square paver (8 x 8) are:

  • Characters per line – Both sizes have a maximum of 21 characters per line, although Bricks R Us recommends using only 18 characters per line.
  • Lines per paver – The standard brick has a maximum of four lines of text (Bricks R Us recommends using only three), while the 8 x 8 paver can utilize eight lines of text (only six are recommended).
  • Fundraising – The average donor to a nonprofit is usually very comfortable with the donation price of a standard 4X8 brick paver.  These work very well for many organizations.  The 8 x 8 pavers are more costly for donors and therefore are used more often on projects of a larger scope.  Many organizations use both sizes to indicate different levels of donations or donor appreciation.

The helpful Bricks R Us staff is available to answer any questions you may have about utilizing different sizes of pavers in a brick campaign.  Be sure to contact us today for more information!

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