Best Practices for Effective Fundraising

November 2, 2019

All nonprofit organizations are different, and each one has their own strengths and weaknesses.  Regardless of the tactics used by any nonprofit to raise funds, there are several best practices which virtually all of them make use of to raise money.  Here are some essential tactics which you should incorporate into your fundraising strategy.

Use metrics to your advantage

Unless you have all the time in the world who accomplish your goals, you will need to focus on those things which have traditionally proven most effective for your organization.  Metrics which you’ve recorded from the past will tell you what those successful tactics have been.  This will provide you with your greatest return on investment, and you’ll get the most bang for your buck.

Make it personal

Instead of sending emails as a first point of contact, you’re much better off calling a potential donor to make personal pitch.  This will put you in direct contact with a potential donor and it will go a long way toward establishing a relationship.  After you’ve made a personal contact, then it’s fine to follow up with emails, because you will already have established some kind of relationship with a potential donor.

Diversify income streams

Any organization which relies on a single source of revenue, is very likely susceptible to having that stream dried up.  When that happens, panic generally ensues, and any programs which you support will end up suffering.  The way to avoid all that heartburn is to have several sources of income, so that if one fails temporarily, you can rely on the others to take up the slack.

Ask for referrals

One of the most effective ways of acquiring new donors, is to ask those on your current list to provide you with the names of contacts who might also be interested in donating.  By doing this at least once a year, you will undoubtedly generate some new leads which may bear fruit, and become regular contributors.

Strengthen your board

The Board of Directors is often a significant source of support for any nonprofit organization, and for that reason it should be cultivated and strengthened in every way possible.  This means you need to provide whatever training, encouragement, and support are necessary to increase the skill level and the knowledge of your board members.  In this way, they can be much more effective in serving your nonprofit organization, and ensuring that you achieve your objectives.

A great approach to fund-raising 

One of the most effective ways of raising funds for your cause is to sell memorial bricks to donors.  Most people want to be remembered for their contributions, and when you provide them with a brick engraved with their name on it, that can be the perfect way for both parties to be satisfied.  By appealing to a contributor’s secret desire to be recognized, you’ll have donations pouring in.  Contact us at Bricks R Us, the nation’s largest memorial brick provider, and let us work with you to accomplish your fundraising goals.

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