Autumn Fundraisers That Will Be Instant Winners

September 24, 2014

Fall is a great time to hold a fundraiser, and with the cooler weather, you can easily hold an event outdoors.  Plus, decorating is a snap with all the colorful leaves, pumpkins, gourds and Indian corn available at the local farmers market.  Here are some fundraising ideas that will make your autumn fundraisers an instant hit!

Autumn Fundraisers That Will Be Instant Winners

Draw in new donors and volunteers with a few of these autumn fundraising ideas.

Homecoming Bonfire

Raise money for your school, sports league or program by hosting a bonfire homecoming weekend.  Invite the entire school, as well as the local community.  At the event, sell marshmallows and hot dogs that participants can roast, and, more importantly, don’t forget the drinks.

Wine Tasting

Autumn is harvest time, which is perfect for wine tasting.  If possible, hold your event outdoors, either in the afternoon or early evening.  Base your decorations on autumn harvest, wine, or grapes.  You can also hold a silent or live auction to raise more money.  Remember to get the word out to your supporters via email, newsletter or fliers.

Harvest Soup Tasting

Work with your local restaurants to host a harvest soup tasting in a community venue.  Using the local harvest, chefs can compete to see which soup is best.  Sell tickets for community members to taste all the soups and judge for themselves.

Haunted Orchard

Team up with a local farmer or orchard and host a fun Halloween event.  Charge visitors an admission fee to walk through the “haunted” orchard.  Position jack-o-lanterns throughout the orchard to cast shadows for an eerie vibe.  Get volunteers to dress up in costumes, both as guides and actors.  Remember to hold a less scary version earlier in the evening for the younger set!

Harvest Carnival

It’s fall carnival time.  Always a popular event, make your harvest carnival memorable with jack-o-lanterns displayed throughout the venue and volunteers dressed up like scarecrows and pumpkins.  Set up food booths for cider, pumpkin pie and regional favorites.  Keep in mind that visitors love hay rides, hay bale mazes and climbing walls!

Brick Fundraiser

Selling engraved brick pavers is another fundraiser that’s popular all year round.  Your supporters will love seeing their names as a permanent addition to your school, church or nonprofit headquarters.  Brick fundraisers can be utilized outdoors or indoors and for supporters of any age group.

For more information about autumn fundraisers, or other great fundraising ideas, contact us at Bricks R Us today.

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