Accent Your Establishment with an Engraved Bench

November 19, 2014
Accent Your Establishment with an Engraved Bench

Utilize an engraved bench in your establishment.  Source: Bricks R Us

You might think that an engraved bench isn’t right for your home or business.  However, a need for extra seating isn’t the only reason to order a garden bench. Here are some more reasons you should utilize an engraved bench for your establishment.

For hundreds of years, outdoor structures, like garden benches, have been used on the grounds of private estates, in parks and in formal gardens to accent or “set off” designated areas.  In short, benches are really more a part of the landscape designer’s “big picture,” than a place to sit.  To that end, a well-placed engraved bench can:

  • Draw the visitor’s eye toward one particular section of the garden, even using the bench to complement the area’s color and texture.
  • Entice the visitor farther down a curvy path with a glimpse of the bench around a curve.
  • Convince the visitor to cross the large garden space to reach the bench on the far side of the garden.
  • Give visitors the best seat near a water feature or in a perfume-filled garden.

Of course, these ideas will work well in your home, but surprisingly, an engraved bench can also enhance your business or restaurant.

  • Many popular restaurants have areas both inside and outside for diners to wait before a table is available.  These areas would be an excellent place for an engraved bench.  Since diners are already waiting around, perhaps a show of appreciation would be appropriate: “Thank you for choosing Mama’s Café.  We appreciate your business.”
  • Corporate office parks or businesses with a considerable amount of lawn space would benefit from a scattering of engraved benches to give the area a more comfortable look.  This would also be a great place to list annual employee award winners or memorial listings.
  • A business or restaurant with a circular-shaped fountain or koi pond is the perfect place for a curved-sided engraved bench that nicely complements the angles and dimensions of both features.  A bit of tasteful marketing would be in order for these benches.

If you would like to learn more about engraved benches or the best location to place an engraved bench, contact us today.  The staff at Bricks R Us is be happy to help you choose the appropriate bench for your project ASAP!

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