7 Things about Custom Brick Fundraising Your Boss Wants to Know

June 15, 2016

There are better ways to go about fundraising than holding out a bucket or peddling candy bars.  An engraved brick fundraiser might be the right approach for your organization.  Engraved bricks both raise money and provide a lasting memorial.  If your boss has doubts, here are seven things you can say about custom brick fundraising.

1.  It’s An Easy Fundraiser

Work with a brick company to select a design and font for the engraving as well as the color and style of the brick.  This may be as simple as filling out an online order form.  Then give them a list of donors and pay for the bricks.  As a custom engraved brick company, Bricks R Us can provide free samples and free shipping to further lower your costs.

2.  It Helps the Community

Next, you find a use for the bricks.  This can be as simple as having a walkway or low retaining wall built at your location, or you could donate them to your town’s latest public works or park project.  Often bricklayers and others will donate their own time and services to a good cause.

3.  You’ll Make Big Money

Of course it all depends on the cost of the brick, the number of engraved bricks, and the size of the donation.  For charities, don’t be hesitant about asking for generous contributions.  At $19 a brick, you can ask for a donation of $100, and that means $81 from each brick goes to your organization.  And most people are happy to donate for a good cause.

4.  It Creates A Lasting Monument

Custom brick fundraising leads to a distinctive memorial that will be intact for many years to come, reminding all passers-by of the names and generous nature of each donor.  That’s the start of a good relationship with folks who may take pride in future donations.

5.  Engraving Options Are Versatile

7 Things about Custom Brick Fundraising Your Boss Wants to Know

Almost anything can be engraved on a brick.  Donors may be thrilled to see their names memorialized, but others might want to donate in the name of a loved one, a family pet or another organization or business.  Brick fundraising allows people to get their message out in a medium that lasts for generations to come.

6.  Everyone Benefits

Custom brick fundraising is a good option for any organization, such as charities, religious groups, zoos, stadiums and many more.  Bricks can be installed almost anywhere, from park fountains to university walls.  You could even include a brick for everyone that volunteers their time and services.

7.  Campaigns Are More Effective

The opportunity to see names or personal messages as a permanent monument is well worth the relatively small donation involved.  Donors will likely want to be included in the next project.  All their friends, family and colleagues – even competition – are likely to want their own.  Custom brick fundraising could become a regular activity.

If you’re considering custom bricks as a way to boost your fundraising efforts, please contact Bricks R Us with any questions or concerns.  With our free shipping and free samples, we’ve been the preferred choice for 27 years.

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