5 Ways Your Nonprofit Can Utilize TikTok

April 2, 2021

TikTok is a social media platform which originally became outrageously popular with the crowd of young people between the ages of 16 and 24, and many of those first videos which appeared on the platform were 15-second clips of youngsters dancing or lip-syncing to popular music.  However, when the coronavirus order came down to work in place at home, the platform was also discovered by users in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

At this point, usage of the platform became much more broadened out, and much more universal than that first wave of young users had made of the platform.  Among other things, TikTok is now used by a number of nonprofits, because it is extremely effective at getting the word out quickly about a specific cause, and reaching a great many people in the process.

Hashtag Challenges 

Challenges issued on TikTok are set up to encourage a great many users to participate in your fundraising cause, and the platform even has a specific feature called TikTok for Good which works with nonprofits to help arrange such challenges.  It’s very easy to set up, and if you make your message clear and simple, providing an easy way for participants to contribute, you are more than likely to experience worthwhile success.

Informative Videos 

Some nonprofits have already produced informative videos which relate to viewers what their nonprofit does and how it helps community members or other beneficiaries.  Such videos can introduce team members, demonstrate behind-the-scenes activities which drive the organization, and connect with audiences that are either loyal followers or entirely new individuals.  Another good idea for video content is to show viewers just how much their contributions help the recipients of donations, and how their lives are made easier.

Cross-channel Sharing 

The videos you produce for TikTok can be shared across all the other social media platforms your nonprofit already uses.  This can cut down on your overhead, while still providing you with the tremendous benefit of reaching a much larger audience, and getting your message out to more people.  All you have to do is press the Share button in the lower right part of your TikTok screen, and all the available options for sharing to other platforms will appear.

Donation Stickers 

TikTok has made it even easier for nonprofits to do fundraising on the platform by introducing Donation Stickers which can be added on to any video or live streaming event.  Anytime a viewer clicks on the Donation Sticker, he/she will have the opportunity to make a contribution to any cause of their choosing.  At present, there are a finite number of possible nonprofits to choose from, but there are likely to be many more in the near future.

Marketing Tool 

If your nonprofit has individuals with the talent to create compelling content, or who are good story-tellers, TikTok can be used to great advantage.  This content can be consumed by audiences of all ages, and since the platform’s user base is growing all the time, you’ll have an unlimited pool of potential donors whom you can reach with your message.  You may even be able to come up with your own special marketing tactics to make best use of the platform, and to make your fundraising efforts more successful.

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