5 Questions to Ask About Your School Fundraising Goals

December 31, 2015

As January marks the halfway point for the school year, it’s time for schools, parent-teacher organizations and booster groups to take an assessment of their school fundraising goals.

Many schools and supporting groups use fundraisers to help pay for new computers and smart boards for the classroom, playground equipment, new school supplies or other designated school projects.  If fundraising goals are not met, it can cause a delay in the implementation of these projects.

Here at Bricks R Us, a brick engraving company, we are very familiar with fundraisers for schools and other entities.  As you make plans for the spring and second half of the school year, it’s time to ask yourself the following questions.

Did Fall Fundraisers Reach Their Goal?

The answer to this question will help you decide what’s needed for the rest of the year.  Be sure to make a complete analysis of how much was raised and what costs were incurred.  Also take note of the positives and negatives of your fundraisers, which will help you decide whether to repeat them next year.

What’s in Place for the Spring?

Armed with your current fundraising totals, you and your group can start looking ahead to your final fundraisers of the year.  What fundraisers are planned for the final school months?  What are your projected goals?  Are they in line with previous year’s totals?

Are You On Target for Meeting Year-end Goals?

Now it’s time to take a hard look at your goals to see if you are on track to meet them.  Will the spring fundraisers be as successful as you are planning?  Will it cover any shortfall left from previous fundraisers?  If the necessary funds aren’t raised, can your goals be adjusted?  What impact will that have on your planned projects?  These are questions you’ll need to answer as you move forward.

What More Needs to Be Done?

If you anticipate a shortfall from your planned fundraisers, now is the time to take action.  It may be time to go in a different direction in order to meet your goals for the year.  You may need to plan an additional fundraiser to help offset your shortage.  Or it may be time to go in a new direction.

5 Questions To Ask About School Fundraising

How About An Engraved Brick Fundraiser?

Engraved brick fundraisers have proven successful for many schools just like yours.  With costs starting at $19 per brick, you can see how much your group could raise by charging $50, $75 or even $100 per brick.  Students and their families love leaving a lasting legacy at their school with an engraved brick courtyard, walkway or wall.  With no upfront costs, plus a free website designed specifically for ordering for your group, this is one easy fundraiser.  Contact us today to get started!

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