10 Misconceptions About Engraved Bricks

May 11, 2016

Once people see our engraved bricks projects, most can’t deny what great community projects they are.  After all, what’s not to like about engraved bricks?

A great community project not only benefits local organizations with the funds raised, but it also adds value to the community.  Men and women of all ages can buy a brick in honor of a loved one, have their name engraved on it and have it become part of a lasting tribute.

But as it goes sometimes, misconceptions about engraved bricks can turn to rumors, which are typically misleading.  To help set the record straight with our customers new and old, we’ve compiled this list of 10 common misconceptions about engraved bricks.

10 Common Misconceptions about Engraved Bricks

  1. Contract Required: With our engraved brick fundraising projects, we really don’t require contracts to be signed.  We state this on our website, but some people still find it hard to believe.  It’s just one of the reasons to choose Bricks R Us.
  2. Shipping Charges: There are no shipping charges.  We provide free shipping on all of our bricks.  There’s no catch.  Our prices include engraving and shipping.  Most of our competitors charge for shipping.
  3. Minimum Order: You can order as many engraved bricks as you’d like.  There is no minimum order requirement.  However, if you order less than 10, there is an additional $15 fee for the total order.
  4. Extra Lines Will Cost You: No they won’t.  There are no per-line charges as all text engraving is included in our pricing.  You can up to four lines and 21 characters on a standard 4×8 brick, but three lines and 18 characters are recommended.
  5. Is Your Low Price the Lowest?: We’re so confident that we offer the lowest prices, that we’ll match a competitor’s lower price – if you can find one – and still include all of our services.
  6. Pricey Websites: We make it easy for your engraved bricks fundraiser by providing a free donor site.  Yes, free.  This secure website makes it easy for your donors to order bricks.
  7. Free Promotion: This is not a rumor.  It’s true; we do help promote your fundraiser through our Bricks R Us Share Your Cause initiative.  We promote your fundraiser and donor website on our social media channels at no extra charge to you.
  8. Delivery Can Take A While: Actually, Bricks R Us has one of the fastest delivery times in the industry.  Your engraved bricks order will ship three to four weeks from the date we receive final proofs.  We’ll work to meet your timeline at no extra charge.
  9. Changes Will Cost You: Thanks to our proofing process, we don’t have to charge for changes.  Our proofing process means you can make edits or changes to your order at no extra charge.
  10. Free Bricks?: Through our Bonus Brick Program, we provide 10 free bricks for every 300 bricks ordered.  From there you’ll receive five free bricks for every additional 100 bricks ordered.  We see this as a great way to help out the many nonprofit organizations that we work with.

Now that you know more about Bricks R U and our services, contact us today about your engraved bricks fundraiser!

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