Optimize Your Engraved Brick Fundraiser with Our Bonus Bricks Program!

At Bricks R Us, our goal is to make your next engraved brick fundraiser as profitable as possible.  We know the majority of our customers are non-profit organizations, which is why we have established a few programs to maximize profit during their fundraisers.  One of those programs is our Bonus Bricks Program.  As a customer of Bricks R Us, you can rest assured that we will always look for ways you can save so more money goes back to your cause.

How Does the Bonus Bricks Program Work?

It’s simple!  For every 300 engraved bricks sold, we will provide 10 additional bricks for free.  An extra 5 bricks will be added for any additional 100 engraved bricks ordered (400 = 15, 500 = 20, etc.).

Brick R Us prides itself on the support and resources it provides to its customers during their brick campaigns.  The Bonus Bricks Program offers extra value to our customers, as do our Lowest Price Guarantee and Brick Rewards Program.

Do you have any questions about our Bonus Bricks Program or any of our other programs?  Are you ready to launch an engraved brick fundraiser?  Give us a call at 888-MY-BRICK, fill out our contact form or chat with us using our online chat feature!

Note: Our Bonus Bricks Program, Brick Rewards, and Lowest Price Guarantee are separate programs that can lower your cost per brick.  We can only honor one program per customer/organization.  300+ bricks must be ordered at once (same day) to qualify for the Bonus Bricks Program.  Souvenir Bricks are exempt from this offer.