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Below you will find a comprehensive list of questions regarding our Donor Sites.  We believe all of your questions will be answered but if we are missing anything, please let us know by sending an email to our Web Team.


How do we set up our Donor Site?



First, you will need to register to use our Online Ordering System.  Once you have registered and logged into your account, place your cursor over the "Account" tab and click "Donor Site Request" (you can also find it on the main page at the bottom of the buttons).  If you need assistance with registering, either go to www.bricksrus.com/help or ask one of our representatives to send you an email on the information our system is looking for.


Do we need to complete all of the questions now?



No, you can fill out the questions as you know them and then click on the "Save My Information: I'll Come Back Later" button.  When you log back into the Online Ordering System, your page will look the same as you left it.


What will be the URL address of our Donor Site?



All of our donor sites start with www.bricksrus.com/order/; from there, you can decide what to name your site.  If your organization name was "Save The Whales", you can have your donor site name as www.bricksrus.com/order/savethewhales.  We recommend to keep the name as short as possible.  You can confirm the name isn't already taken by viewing our Donor Site Donate page at www.bricksrus.com/fundraising/donate.  If you plan on advertising before we complete the site and wish to reserve the name, contact a Bricks R Us representative and they will have our Web Team reserve it.  If a Donor Site's URL is not reserved, the name will not be guaranteed until the site is competed.


Does Bricks R Us provide the URL address of the Donor Site to our Donors?



It's up to you.  You have two choices:  you can provide the URL to your Donors or you can have your Donors go to your main web site and then provide a link (hyperlink) that goes to the site we create.  When our Web Team completes the site, they will attach two pictures that you can use on your Donor Site.  The pictures will be of a brick with the writing "Click Here To Purchase A Brick".


Is it possible to not have our Donors go to your site and create a page on our site?



Yes.  We will still complete the Donor Site as we always do but we can provide a single line code that your Webmaster to add to a page and it will work just as though they were on our site.  You would request this code once the site is completed.


How long does it take to create the Donor Site?



Two weeks.  You can also have the site completed within 72 hours for a $60 web rush fee.  If you are having an event and wish to have the site completed by that date, let us know and we will always try to accommodate you.


How do we pay for a web rush?



Go to www.bricksrus.com/onetimepay and enter your Customer ID where indicated.  In the Purchase Order field, input "Webrush".


How do we know when the Donor Site is completed?



Our Web Team will send you an email advising the site has been completed.  In that email, they will provide instructions on how to use the site.   


Does Bricks R Us receive the money from our Donors?



No.  We do not receive any monies until you submit the orders to us.  After you submit the orders, we do not require payment until the bricks are going to be shipped.  All monies paid go directly to the organization.


Can you accept credit cards for us?



No.  As per the rules of our credit card merchant, we are unable to accept credit cards for a third party.


How do our Donors pay for their brick?



Your Donors have two options.  You can decide on both options or just one of them.  Your donors can have a choice of check (they will input their check number and receive an address of where to mail their payment) or credit card (PayPal or you process the credit card payments).  We are legally not allowed to be a third party and accept credit cards on behalf of our customers.


How does PayPal work?



You would create a PayPal account at www.paypal.com.  PayPal (and all credit card merchants) charges a percentage of the transaction (usually 3%) plus a transaction fee (usually .25); this fee is less for non-profit organizations.  PayPal allows you to accept all types of credit cards and the money is deposited in your PayPal account.  To receive the money, you would just request it from PayPal.  When filling out the Donor Site Request form, there is a field that asks for your login email with PayPal. Please do not provide your password.  Bricks R Us has no affiliation with PayPal.


Do we need to change any settings with PayPal to use with your site?



Yes.  We have provided instructions at www.bricksrus.com/help under the Donor Site section (Accepting PayPal).


What if we already have a PayPal account?  Can we use that account with your site too?



Yes.  however, you would ignore Step 6 (in the help section above) and keep "Auto Return" off.


Will you answer questions from our Donors?



Yes.  We now add a live chat button to assist your Donors.  We will only provide any information that already exists on your Donor Site and/or how the process works.  We do not provide dates of ordering or installation since that process is up to you.


I've received a confirmation of an order place by a Donor but I didn't receive a PayPal confirmation?



When we first created the Donor Sites, we had the recording module set after the order is paid with PayPal. This is the way most PayPal sites operate; however, we received many complaints because Donors were paying for their donation but not returning to the site to complete the site so our customers would only see a payment was made and not an order.

Due to the above, we changed the recording to occur before the Donor is sent to PayPal. By doing this, if the customer closes PayPal before payment, at least our customer has the information to contact them and ask what their intentions were.

Since doing this, the confusion has been minimized.


If we process our own credit cards, how do we retrieve that information?



All of the credit card information is captured from the Donor and can be retrieved by logging into our secure Online Ordering System.  Once you log in, place your cursor over the "Reports" tab and click on "Donor Payments".


Will we receive a confirmation when a Donor purchases a brick?



Yes. Our system will automatically send an email notifying you that a donation was made.  The email will have the donor's information, donation amount made, type of payment, inscription and reference number (where it is located in your account within the Online Ordering System.


Will you engrave the brick when the donation is made?



No.  The inscription and all of the Donor Information goes into your account within the Online Ordering System and stays there until you "submit" the order.


Are your Donor Sites secure?



Yes.  All Donor Sites are directed to a site beginning with https://  (this is how all secure sites start with).



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