Fundraising - Frequently Asked Questions

For 30 years, customers have relied on us to help them with their brick fundraising projects.  On this page, you will see questions commonly asked by our customers.  If you can’t find an answer to your question, contact us today and we’ll reach out to you within 24 hours!

How many characters can we fit on a brick?

The number of characters depends on the size of the brick. A character means any letter, number, space or punctuation mark. We provide the most characters and lines in the business. 
4 x 8     (21 characters per line, 18 recommended)
8 x 8     (21 characters per line, 18 recommended)
12 x 12    (25 characters per line, 23 recommended)

How many lines can we fit on a brick?

The number of lines depends on the size of the brick. 
4 x 8     (4 lines, 3 recommended)
8 x 8     (8 lines, 6 recommended)
12 x 12     (12 lines, 10 recommended)

What type of font can we choose on the brick?

You can choose any font you like; however, by default, we use Helvetica for our sandblasting process and Optima for our laser processing since these fonts engrave and looks the cleanest. We recommend that you use all capital letters but are happy to engrave in upper/lower case.

How do we give you a logo and what is the price?

Logos should be sent to us in "camera-ready" format. The one-time charge for the logo engraving setup is fifty dollars. Once we have the logo in our system, the engraving charge for the logo on a brick / tile will be an additional five dollars.  If your custom logo file is something we can just upload and don't have to do any editing, then we will not charge a set-up fee.

Do you have any stock symbols and what is the price?

We have a list of stock symbols that you can choose from; each logo is an additional five dollars.

What process do you use to engrave bricks?

We are the only engraving company that provides three types of engraving - laser, fill and sandblasting.  The process we use to engrave our bricks is laser (Perma-Grav™), fill and sandblasting. Perma-Grav™ is a patent-pending process that produces the ultimate in durability for brick engraving. Perma-Grav™ was developed and tested in the most rigorous environments and is proven to be a great option. Sandblasting is one of the oldest processes and allows us to provide a deep engraving process.  Fill is a proprietary fill that withstands pressure cleaning and looks great forever ($3 additional cost per brick).  Sandblasting has been around since the 1800's and is still the preferred way with many monuments and gravestones. We offer a lifetime guarantee with all of our processes.

There is a local company that engraves bricks - why shouldn't we use them?

You should be comfortable in knowing that your engraving company will always be around. After 30+ years in the business, we have an excellent track record.  With a brick campaign, you will want to order bricks as the years go on; we have many customers that are using us because their local company has gone out of business. Also, you will not find a local company that offers all of our free services to help you have a successful campaign. Finally, in most cases, your local company cannot invest in the proper machinery it takes to make your bricks last.  A lifetime guarantee is only good if the company is around. 

There are a lot of brick engraving companies - why use yours?

Besides our products, our customer service sets us apart from all others!  We feel, and our customers know (read our testimonials ) that our company strives to give you the best customer service of any other company; not just engraving companies.  As our customer, we will walk you through your entire campaign with our Webinar service. We provide you with the right tools - Getting Started Guide, Order Forms, Online Ordering System, a Secure Donor Site for your donors to place their orders and more. All of our additional services are free; we want your campaign to be a success. Last but not least, quality. Our bricks are engraved to last a lifetime and we guarantee the life of the bricks.

Can you engrave our existing bricks?

Most likely.  We do not engrave on-site (and do not recommend it - engraving won't last without high-powered machines) and it would not be cost effective for you to ship us your bricks; however, if you send us a picture or sample of the brick, we can provide it to our distributors to find a match.

What are your prices and what costs are not shown?

We are the only brick engraving company to show you the total cost of our engraving process on every page on our website. All pricing includes the brick, text engraving, and shipping; there is no additional cost with the exception of logos. If any order is less than 10 bricks, there is just a $15 fee (total, not per brick - does not include blank bricks or souvenir bricks).  Our fill process is an additional $2 per brick.  All of our services offered are free.

Do you have a minimum order?

No. You can order any amount of engraved bricks; however, there is a $15 fee (total, not per brick) for any orders that are less than ten.  Any blank or souvenir brick in the order does not count towards the engraved ten bricks. Most companies will have you pay a premium price if ordering fewer than 100 bricks (even for re-orders). 

How long do the brick orders take to process?

Our "standard" turnaround time is two - three weeks; one of the fastest in the industry.  Due to the amount of laser and sandblasting machines and our new/expanded warehouse, we can usually process orders within a few days if requested (we will never charge a rush fee); if we can process your order, we will.

Do we have to sign any contracts with your company?

No; other engraving companies will have you sign an exclusive contract (normally for one year). Since we know that you will be happy with our product and service, we do not feel there is a need to "lock" you into buying from us; however, we are happy to prepare a contract should your organization desire one.  Even our contracts have a 60-day cancellation clause.  Besides knowing you will love working with us, we would never want having make you using us.

How do we decide if the bricks/tiles should be laser, filled or sandblasted?

There is no additional cost as all types of engraving are the same price (with the exception of fill - $3 additional)  The decision is mostly your preference of how it looks.  All have our lifetime guarantee.  Laser works on the majority of products, fill and sandblasting works on all. Our pricing structure is open to everyone; please go to our pricing page to view our prices.

How should we send you the orders?

We realize your time is valuable which is why we have included typing your order as part of our services;
you can send them by email, fax, or mail.  You always can input your order directly by logging into your account within our Online Ordering System - whichever way is easier for you! The Online Ordering System we developed will allow you to input your bricks as you sell them or all at once.  If you have a Donor Site, that information is automatically entered in your account.

If we e-mail, fax or mail our order, should it be in a certain form?

We are happy to receive the order whichever way is better for you. Since we send you a proof sheet, if we have trouble reading what you send us, you will have the opportunity to make any changes before the actual engraving begins.

How does your Online Ordering System work?

We are the only brick engraving company to offer a free Online Ordering System with easy menu driven order entry, coupled with the ability to print detailed reports, proof sheets and invoices at any time. By using a password protected secure log-in, your donors' bricks can be entered as they are sold or the entire order can be entered all at once. The ability to enter the bricks as they are sold is one of the key time-saving features of the system. When the order is complete and ready to send all it takes is just one click. Additionally, all of the donor’s information such as street address, phone number, e-mail address, and how much they donated for each brick can also be entered. This information appears on a Donor Information Report for viewing on screen or printing. Since all data entered by you for your customers will always be stored on-line; all orders, proof sheets, invoices and reports may be reviewed and/or reprinted at any given time. The system also allows you to check the status of your order and give you the ability to pay electronically. Also, by being a web-based system, all information is available to you anywhere you have internet access.

Are your free Donor Sites secure sites?

Yes. All of our Donor Sites are encrypted with the latest security settings.  We have removed our rush fee and release Donor Sites within 48 hours to complete once the request is submitted.

Can I find additional information on your Donor Sites?

Yes.  Because there are so many questions on the Donor Sites, we have created a separate FAQ page.  You can view the page by clicking here

How long does it take to receive the order?

Once we receive the inscription from your organization, we will convert the information into our system. Within 24 hours of receiving the order, we will send a Proof Sheet for you to approve (unless you are using our Online Ordering System and type yourself). Once we receive an approved Proof Sheet, we will send the order out within 1 - 2 weeks. If a quicker time is necessary, you can write that on the proof sheet and we will make every attempt to have your order at that time (without charging any rush fee).

What is the shipping charge?

Shipping is included in the brick pricing (within the continental United States).  We also pre-pay all of our shipping couriers a lift-gate fee so you don't have to.

If you send our order on a truck, how do we get the bricks/tiles off?  Is there a charge?

Should your order be sent using a Freight Forwarder (truck), Bricks R Us will pay the fee for the driver to unload the pallet off the truck; there is no cost to our customers.  The driver will place the pallet(s) wherever the truck can drive into.

Do you charge sales tax?

If you live in Florida, currently a 7% sales tax is required by Florida's Department of Revenue. If you are across state lines, no sales tax is required.

Do you guarantee your work?

Yes; you can return any brick or tile if it is chipped, cracked, broken from shipping or if any error is made from the approved Proof Sheet to the actual engraving for up to seven days (couriers time-frame) from delivery. We guarantee the brick and engraving for life.

Can you give us advice on how to start the program?

Yes; first you need to determine where you want the bricks/tiles to be placed (i.e. wall, ground, walkway, park, fountain, etc.). Next, you will need to determine what type and color brick/tile you feel would look best (You can view our products on the Products page). After figuring out the where and what, call or e-mail us and we will help you with the how.  Most importantly, sign up for a webinar so we can help you go in the right direction and have a successful campaign.  Best of all, we will go through your entire campaign with our Webinar service.

Can you help us by providing some Getting Started information?

Yes. We have designed a package that will take you step by step in learning how to start a brick campaign. If you e-mail us, we will send you the password protected link on our website with all of the information you will need.  In addition, we have a Webinar service to discuss what BRU can do for you as well as go through your entire campaign (takes about an hour).

How do we design our order form?

If you need help designing an order form, or advice on the fundraising campaign itself, we can give you suggestions and examples. We can provide templates that will make it easy to input your organization's information. Please contact us for additional information.

Can you help us on how to install the bricks?

Yes. Although we do not install bricks, if you e-mail us, we can send you brick-laying information that should be useful.

We are located far from you; does that matter?

No. We are located in Miami, Florida, and we distribute all over the United States (we also distribute to different countries throughout the world). Even if we were located within your state, we would still have them delivered to you through a shipping company (UPS, Federal Express, Freight Forwarder) and remember, shipping is free (within the U.S.) so distance does not play a factor in the price you pay for bricks.

Do you have a toll free number?

Yes; feel free to call us toll free at 1-888-MY-BRICK (888-692-7425).